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Presenting you a wide range of SMT nozzle, feeder, feeder parts, cutter, filter and replacement parts for various machines including but not limited to PANASONIC,KME, FUJI, YAMAHA, JUKI, SANYO, SONY, PHILIPS,UNIVERSAL,MIRAE, I-PULSE,CAMELOT, CASIO, CKD,SAMSUNG, TDK, TESCON & TENRYU. we also povid you yamaha CL feeder 8X2,8x4 16mm 32mm,44mm,56mm copy feeder. We accept orders for custom-made nozzle .These parts are sold worldwidely, more than 30 countries, and many famous EMS companies are using our products.

The core philosophy behind the company is " We can do better than others", so we named our company "Dobeter". We offer you better service, and due to cheaper labor force and resource in China , our price is more competitive and the quality is very high.

i-Pulse Feeder Calibration Jig

i-Pulse Feeder Calibration Jig--Philips Assemblen i-Pulse, i-Pulse X, i-Pulse XII, Sapphire-Xii, MG1,MG2,EMERALD,EMERALD X, EMERALD X II,SAPPHIRE / COMET,

i-Pulse Feeder Calibration Jig

1:Product Name:Intellectual Feeder Calibration Jig
3: Characteristic
* Easy to manipulate.
* Quite different with the traditional feeder calibration jigs, it has no axixes and guides, just adjust buttons you can move focus with ease, so more durable
* Actual feeding like machine running can be simulated. Also you can control it manually.
* High Definition Industrial CCD with magnifying power 50
* Through a monitor, capable to calibrate all different Sizes and different kinds of feeders using the built-in Line generator.
* Verify and calibrate feeders correctly by using master steel tapes.
* Ligth, beautiful and more durable。
4: Available for feeders such like Panasonic , Fuji , Juki , Yamaha ,Samsung , KME , Siemens , Sanyo etc
5: Power AC / 220V(50Hz)60W
6: Air pressure:4-5kg/cm2
7: Volumne:530mm(L)×350mm(W)×580mm(H)
8: Weight :Net Weight :22 Kg; Gross Weight : 36Kg.

User Manual

LOCK:To lock current position of X axis line and Y axix line
X1: Used to move the X axis line
Y1: Used to move the X axis line
LUM: Cross line of black and white color conversion.
POWER: Power Switch
LED:POWER Power Light
MANUAL: Manual mode.Press this button one time,the feeder will feed one time
AUTO: Auto Mode.Press this button, the feeder will feed continueously.
SPEED:Speed Control

i-Pulse Feeder Calibration Jig


  1. 8-24mm width. Various parts cassettes can be checked.
  2. Actual feeding like machine running can be simulated
  3. 50X CCD; with LED lighting, appearance clearer.
  4. Speed of feeding can be adjusted
  5. Through a monitor, capable to calibrate all different Sizes and different kinds of feeders using the built-in Line generator.
  6. Capable to operate 1 pitch each with the manual Mode and calibrate. Able to test calibrated feeders with the auto function.

C. Specification

Working Voltage

220V/AC(50Hz) 60W

 Machine  Size

300*400*500 mm
(Width * Length *Height)

 Machine Weight