Located in the ancient and beautiful city, Suzhou China, Dobeter Electronics (Suzhou ) Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing precision parts for Auto Insert ( AI ) & Surface Mount Technology ( SMT ), Semiconductor Parts.

Presenting you a wide range of SMT nozzle, feeder, feeder parts, cutter, filter and replacement parts for various machines including but not limited to PANASONIC,KME, FUJI, YAMAHA, JUKI, SANYO, SONY, PHILIPS,UNIVERSAL,MIRAE, I-PULSE,CAMELOT, CASIO, CKD,SAMSUNG, TDK, TESCON & TENRYU. we also povid you yamaha CL feeder 8X2,8x4 16mm 32mm,44mm,56mm copy feeder. We accept orders for custom-made nozzle .These parts are sold worldwidely, more than 30 countries, and many famous EMS companies are using our products.

The core philosophy behind the company is " We can do better than others", so we named our company "Dobeter". We offer you better service, and due to cheaper labor force and resource in China , our price is more competitive and the quality is very high.

pcb depaneling Model : DBE-PS2000

  • pcb depaneling
Specification and Features of pcb depaneling Model : DBE-PS2000 :
Max. Separation Width 200 mm
PCB thickness 0.5~3 mm
Feed rate 200,300,400,500mm/s
Blade material Sweden HSS SKH-7
Size 340*340*420 (L*W*H)
Power AC220V, 50HZ, 30W
30 kg

pcb depaneling Model : DBE-PS3000

pcb depaneling
  • PS-3000 pcb depaneling
Specification and Features:
Max. Separation Length 400 mm
PCB thickness 0.5~3 mm
Feed rate 200,300,400,500mm/s
Blade material Sweden HSS SKH-7
Size 720*370*390 (L*W*H)
Power AC220V, 50HZ, 30W
Weight 60 kg

pcb depaneling : DBE-L100

pcb depaneling

pcb depaneling Model : DBE-L100


1.Minimize the internal stress generated when cutting the PCB board  to avoid tin crack
2.The board is placed under the point of the knife. Push the hahndle , the knife split the board up.
3.The board is fixed when spliting. Only the knife moves to avoid the parts to be damaged by moving.
4.The distance between two knives can be adjusted accurately in case of tool wear or the irregular depth of the groove.
5.The machine applies to both thin and thick boards, easy for operating.

1.maximum of board length: 200mm
2.board thickness        :0.4~3mm
3.speed of sending board  : it depends
4.material of knife         :HSS
5.Volume                :580mm(L) ×380mm(W) ×250mm(H) 
6.weight                 :15kg 


pcb depaneling